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Professional cosmetics for hair LUXOR PROFESSIONAL

Professional hair cosmetics.

          LUXOR PROFESSIONAL cosmetics is developed in cooperation with European color technologists on the basis of natural ingredients and patented phyto-complexes of leading European pharmaceutical laboratories. LUXOR PROFESSIONAL is an international brand which pleases with quality for more than fifteen years. 

All Products are produced under product quality standard and fully comply with quality requirements and safety for health. The brand has come a long way in its history from tradition to modernity to show that today cosmetic products can surprise you with their care for your hair.


  •  Modern technologists (own formulation laboratory)
  •  Flexibility of the process (prompt response to requests. Instant changeover of equipment) 
  • Global suppliers of raw materials (use of natural extracts, complexes, assets, oils)

Modern Technologies
  • In-house laboratories for the production of new products
  • Tracking innovations and applying these trends
  • Continuous analysis and market research

Process flexibility
  • Prompt response to requests
  •  Instant reconfiguration of equipment 

Global raw material suppliers

Close Controls
  • Operational research
  • Multiple sampling at all stages of the production process
  • Precise execution of conformity testing procedures for raw materials and products 

Permanent hair color

1.       Increased volume.

2.       Formulation with its own care complex.

3.       Updated colors.

4.       New design.

5.       New colors.

6.       New proportions.

7.       Affordable price.

8.       Ease of use and storage.


Dyeing formula based on THREE individual components
  1. Dye
  2. Oxidant
  3. Nourishing revitalizing fluid

The combination of these THREE targeted ingredients allows you to achieve the desired color, scalp comfort and hair care.

The cocktail of micro-components ensures even penetration into the hair structure and optimal coverage, color permanence, silkiness and shine after coloring.

Color improvements

1.       New family of trendy shades

2.        Changes in the color chart
  • Intensive Ash ( .11)
  • Purple Gold ( .17 )
  • Chocolate violet ( .23 )
  • Golden Ash ( .27 )
  • Sandre Row ( .31)
  • Gray hair dye row ( .440; .220; .430)

3.       Improved old shades
  • Natural row ( .0 )
  • Natural Intense Rows ( .00 )
  • Ash Row ( .1 )
  • Ashy Purple Rows ( .12 )
  • Purple Row ( .2 )
  • Intensive Purple Row ( .22 )
  • Purple Ash Row ( .21 )
  • Purple mahogany row ( .25 )
  • Golden chocolate row ( .37)
  • Mahogany Row ( .5 )
  • Red Row ( .6 )

4.    Discontinued colors
  • Gold-Purple Row ( .32)
  • Copper red row ( .46 )
  • Intensely mahogany range ( .55 )

5.    Design
  • New dye design that will fit in the salon interior.
  • The new dye volume is 100 ml.

Тонер LUX

The composition of the coloring pigments for each shade gives your hair an exceptionally rich and seductive shade. Provides uniform coloring - toning and shine. Contains caring components, which protect the hair structure during the coloring process, gives softness and healthy look.

1.         New Advanced Design

2.         New shades


Exclusively for hair salons. Thanks to the innovative formula, the new toning gel provides exceptionally intense hair color without harming the hair. Protects the hair during the coloring process, gives shine and a healthy look.

1. Updated design

2. New volume

3. New shades

Eyebrow and eyelash color


Permanent and intense color for expressive eyes. The soft, creamy formula of the eyebrow and eyelash dye guarantees excellent results, long-lasting and intensive coloring, deep and saturated color.

The paint contains new generation coloring substances, is easy and comfortable to apply, does not require a long exposure time.

For professional use only!

 Continuous expansion and variety of the product range, improved formulas for more gentle coloring and care for the hair - this is the key to the successful path of the brand. 

The main goal of our dyes is rich and saturated color, improved hair quality, variety of color and accessibility to the work of any craftsman.