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Luxor Professional Technology

LUXOR PROFESSIONAL COLOR - professional permanent hair color cream with wheat proteins, royal jelly and rice extract.

The new dye formula includes an innovative caring complex that provides maximum moisture, preservation and restoration of the hair structure during coloring. Wheat proteins and royal jelly reconstruct damaged hair cuticles, smoothing them along the entire length. Rice extract has antioxidant properties, which slows down the processes of photoaging of hair, improves its elasticity and strength. An individual cocktail of micropigments ensures uniform penetration into the hair structure, which allows you to achieve perfect coverage, color fastness, silkiness and brilliant shine after dyeing.

TriplexSystem LUXOR PROFESSIONAL is an innovative system that includes three hair coloring agents:

1. Cream paint LUXOR PROFESSIONAL COLOR - micropigments, reconstruction, protection.

2.Nourishing regenerating fluid LUXOR PROFESSIONAL COLOR - moisturizing, elasticity, softness.

3. Oxidizer LUXOR PROFESSIONAL COLOR - activation of micropigments, pH balance, shine.

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