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About LUXOR PROFESSIONAL Professional Cosmetics


LUXOR Professional cosmetics for beauty salons, hairdressers and stylists.

LUXOR PROFESSIONAL cosmetics is specially developed using traditional recipes, natural ingredients and production technologies of the largest European laboratories. It is a product of tradition and modernity, which will change the modern view on the coloring, allowing the hair to change and remain beautiful and healthy. The manufacturing formula of modern sulfate-free products gently protects the hair.

The innovative three-component coloring formula (dye + oxidant + fluid), a complex of oils and natural plant extracts act on the hair gently, do not damage the structure and take care of the health of the hair during and after coloring.

This product was developed to prove to the world that what women have long sought for, is already possible. Don't be afraid to be different - change without harming your hair! LUXOR PROFESSIONAL has come a long way from its history from tradition to modernity to show that today cosmetic products can really surprise with their care for the hair. Continuous expansion and variety of products, improved formulas for more gentle coloring and hair care - this is the key to the success of the brand. It is a godsend for artists, because thanks to it the customer is satisfied with the result and the artist has a possibility to get a profitable reward for his/her work and professionalism.

Thanks to LUXOR PROFESSIONAL, the result of the coloring is not only bright and intense color, but also shiny and healthy hair!